8. August 2016

Karl Richter Archive moves to the Institut of Music Research at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Wuerzburg, Germany

Dear friends of Karl Richter's work and music,

with today's posting “life and work of Karl Richter in images” we will end the Karl Richter photo and document series on Facebook. The reason is that we found a dignified successor to carry on with our more than a decade of effort to preserve and make accessible the music and work of Karl Richter to musicologists and enthusiast around the world the present time and for future generations.

I am happy and proud to announce that the Department of Music Research at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Würzburg (Germany) has agreed to take over the entire Karl Richter Archive and makes it an integrated part of its extensive media archive as early as August 2016.

They intent to allocate space, infrastructure, personal and material resources to accommodate, maintain, and make accessible to musicologists and friends of Karl Richter's music.

Under the heading 'Study Collection Musical Instruments & Media' of the musicological institute they will setup a detailed page on the Karl Richter Archive collection and resources. As soon as the link is active, we will share the link to the new home of the Karl Richter Archive here, on our Blog and on Twitter.

In the last few weeks I have all available documents digitally processed and will shortly hand them over into the custody of the Würzburg institute. At this point I will also finish my own work on the archive.

As a sign of appreciation of the great support many of you gave me to achieve our coal to collect and preserve the work of Karl Richter and the Munich Bach-Choir and Bach-Orchestra I offer you - during the month of August 2016 - to order and add newly prepared items from the archive onto your personal Karl Richter Collection.

*** Please let me know, if you are interested of one or more of the following***

Documentation "Karl Richter in Munich - Contemporary Witness"
--- As an eBook (PDF-Format)
--- All photos from the book (JPG)

Karl Richter contemporary documents - individual or complete (7 Volumes)
--- as an eBook (PDF)

Karl Richter Blog 2004-2016 (PDF)

Archive documents
--- Autographs, posters, tickets, rehearsal schedules, travel plans, records covers (JPG)
--- Concert programs (JPG)
--- Interviews with witnesses in German, partely in English (PDF) [Videos pls. see below]
--- Doku to Karl Richter's death - February 14, 1981 (JPG & PDF)
--- Pictures from and with Karl Richter
--- Karl Richter in Vienna

to be delivered on data CD.

All 8 printed books (and eBooks) and the 10 Interwiev DVDs are still available directly from me by eMail or 'Kontakt by eMail (in the right column, at the top)